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StudENT…connecting students with entrepreneurial ventures

Many people have continually asked the question: “Why do our students leave the state upon graduating from the University?” There are various answers to that question, just as there are various students from areas outside of our state that attend the Universities.


I believe a key component to building a stronger foundation within a community is continually overlooked and/or under utilized.


For example: Tim Williamson, President/Co-Founder of The Idea Village, has been engaging local and national students in the revitalization of New Orleans. One of the segments of the organization is IDEAcorps, formed in partnership with Tulane University, which connects civic and business-minded college and graduate students to New Orleans-based entrepreneurial ventures.

Notice the key word: ENGAGING.

As I recently Tweeted on Twitter: [Cultivating Human Ability – Capacity | Whether they flourish depends on how they are nourished – Sir Ken Robinson]

ENGAGING students within communities, more specifically with SMALL and large business owners (Entrepreneurs), will increase the nourishment students are receiving within the “brick and mortar” institutions. Nourishment, not only for the students but also for the entrepreneurs. Don’t believe me? Ask Tim Williamson.

..more on ENGAGING. Jason Keeling and “A Better West Virginia Challenge” was the inspiration for sharing this blog. Kudos to Jason for ENGAGING West Virginians!

I look forward to hearing your responses to what the future holds for West Virginia students, entrepreneurial ventures AND how to make West Virginia a better place.