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Hoan rubbed his eyes as if in disbelief, after stepping off the train. The station sign merely read V-A-L-L-E-Y. “Valley?”, he said to himself. As he continued to mutter more words beneath his breathe so that others would not hear. Unfortunately, to Hoan’s amazement, he was the only one getting off on this stop. As the train pulled out of the station, it appeared to be empty. But how, did this happen? Had he fallen asleep and missed the bulk of the passengers? When the train left Washington, D.C. it was full of passengers. “Where did they all go?”, he asked himself.

As Hoan continued to walk, to where, he wasn’t sure. Though, he first thought was to move out of the wind, fog, and rainy weather that he was now standing in – beneath the sign that read V-A-L-L-E-Y.

Holding his belongings in a suitcase and backpack. The suitcase contained his clothes, while the backpack contained his life’s work. Though the backpack, to him, seemed nearly empty. Haon walked into the station. As he did, little did he realize the individual he was about to meet – George – would change his life, for better or worse.

Hoan wasn’t sure what time it was, due to the fact the train was late making its stops due to the weather and his wristwatch has stopped too. Maybe this was a sign. A sign that time stops for all men in V-A-L-L-E-Y. He was about to find out, as he approached George.

As Hoan walked through the station to the ticketing area, that was closed, he saw an older gentleman – nicely dressed with gray hair and beard – that seemed to be sitting there reading. “Reading what?” Hoan asked himself. Especially reading at this hour, though he wasn’t sure what hour this was. “Excuse me sir”, as Haon spoke, “Do you know what time it is?” As the man raised his head from reading to look at Haon, he spoke and in doing so extended his hand at the same time while saying, “Well, son, today is Sunday, the most glorious day of them all.”

The Train Ride

It all began on a foggy and rainy night. Haon was not sure where he had been over the last six hours. Nor where he was headed, once arriving at the station. One thing was for sure, he was glad to be in from the weather. Maybe it was the rough ride through the mountains during the night that made him feel this way. Regardless he was happy to be in the heart of Appalachia, whether it meant traveling by train or not. He always liked the train, because it gave him time to reflect on his life and the opportunities that lied before him too. But this time was different..

Maybe it was the foggy and rainy night or that he had left a life behind as he boarded the train six hours ago.

Question now was, “Do I get off the train or do I keep riding until it stops at its final destination?” His ticket was one-way, but he wasn’t sure to where. Hoan never asked the station attendant, nor looked at the ticket. He merely requested the earliest train traveling through Appalachia.

As he continued looking out the window, as he had done for the last several hours, he could see a flicker of light ahead. He wasn’t sure what the name of the next stop was nor did it matter at this point in the journey. He knew, at the moment he saw the flicker of light, that this was his stop. It was time to get off the train. But where was he?