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Knowledge Broker Series – Transformational Leadership

How leaders and team members approach not only designing a team, but also managing a team is important. “It seems we are forcing into consciousness an alternative view of society and using communication technologies to enforce that view” (Moore, 2011. p. 73). An opportunity exists in which “participatory tools allow us to re-design and create realistic but different forms of social and economic organizational capabilities” (Moore, 2011. p. 75). As Kaplan (2012) noted, industrial-era structures with hierarchical reporting relationships designed around functions inevitably will give way to networked operating models fluidly connecting capabilities both within and outside the organization. Furthermore, as Schnake, Dumler, Cochran Jr., and Barnett (1990) noted the lack of perceptual congruence between leaders and stakeholders concerning various issues, which affect their relationship, are probably due largely to communication problems in the dyad. Thus, being a leader who views individuals as a stakeholder and communicates with them as such, will inherently contribute toward a more sustainable and positive internal organizational culture and coincides with philosophies toward building stakeholder equity within and outside of organizational teams.

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